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Metafour & Coronavirus

Metafour is working as normal during the coronavirus crisis. We have good preparations in place which involve staff mainly working from home. We do not anticipate that customers will experience any impact to the service that Metafour offers.

NetCourier Features

From comparing shipping options and prices, making bookings, and scheduling pick-ups; to tracking deliveries, capturing proofs of delivery and invoicing, NetCourier is the perfect end-to-end courier software solution.
Comprehensive Integrations

Comprehensive Integrations

Seamlessly connect with a host of global, regional and local carriers

Rate Shopping

Rate Shopping

Reduce costs with our sophisticated pricing algorithms

Powerful insights

Powerful Insights

Monetise the data in your system and improve your business

Courier Software Case Studies

Why choose our courier software?


Improved bottom line

Optimise your resources, lower your costs, and improve your profitability with our innovative solution.

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Dedicated customer service

Improve your processes and grow your business with our knowledgeable in-house support team.

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Seamless integrations

Integrate with all major carriers and accounts packages with our comprehensive end-to-end courier management system.

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Streamlined operations

Increase your efficiency and modernise your business with our powerful and scalable delivery platform.

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Greater transparency

Gain end-to-end supply chain visibility with our integrated driver app, fleet mapping screens, and electronic proof of deliveries.


Comprehensive reporting

Gain insights into key business data, make informed decisions, and anticipate consumer demand with our advanced reporting tools.

Metafour Courier Software

For almost 40 years Metafour have been at the forefront of the courier industry. Our innovative system is a great option for businesses looking to reach their potential, and allows you to effortlessly manage every step of your delivery journey. The best courier software on the market, NetCourier allows you to reduce your resource-heavy manual processes by automating your bookings, dispatching, and tracking; ultimately increasing your efficiencies, boosting your performance, and improving your customer service.

Our courier software will help you to manage your entire logistics business. Firstly, comes our very special Client Portal. The easy-to-use screens allow your customers to manually create bookings, bulk upload their orders, and track their deliveries during their journeys. What makes our courier software stand out from the crowd, however, are our sophisticated pricing algorithms. They allow both you and your customers to least-cost route your deliveries, to ensure that the optimum service is always chosen. Users have seen a saving of up to 25% of their typical courier spend using these screens.

The next important features of our courier software are our System Integrations. Our extensive list of international, regional, and local carriers include big names such as FedEx, DHL, DPD, TNT, Royal Mail, and many more, to create a delivery network tailored to your business needs. Our integrations allow you to choose the best available service for each specific delivery, print the right labels for the right package at the right time, and unify your tracking to provide the best customer service.

Our Driver App allows you to put the power of your deliveries in the palm of your hand. Simple to use, the all-in one courier software app allows you to manage, track, and trace your parcels on the go. Job information assigned to the driver, who can then scan the barcode and capture tracking events at all stages of the delivery journey. Once given to the final recipient, an electronic proof of delivery can be captured using the app. These can be signatures or photographs, depending on your business requirements.

The usefulness of our courier software does not stop once the parcel has been delivered. Our Accounting and Invoicing modules can help you to automate time-consuming daily jobs and free up your resources. Our invoice reconciliation tool, for example, will automatically compare your invoices against agreed carrier costs, highlight all discrepancies, and update actual weights, costs, and sales prices. The customer billing tool, on the other hand, will create invoices directly from the data in your system, and send them out to your customers on a set schedule.

We understand that changing systems can be daunting, but our fantastic in-house team are there to help you make the most of your courier software. With decades of logistics industry knowledge, they can ensure that your system is configured to your unique business needs. We also have a dedicated support team at the end of the phone or email to help make sure that your courier software runs as seamlessly as possible.

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