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MetApp is our all-in-one courier software app. Designed with drivers in mind, it allows you to manage, track, and trace your deliveries with ease.

Simple, fast, and intuitive, our driver app helps to improve your customer experience by increasing the visibility of your deliveries. It not only captures signatures or photographs as proof of delivery, but it can also scan and capture tracking details at any stage of the journey. These tracking milestones can be accessed from the client portal or automatically emailed to the receiver, helping to reduce calls to your customer service team and increasing efficiency.

Our courier software app also allows you and your controllers to stay connected with your drivers, 24/7. The driver app can be downloaded onto most smartphones or rugged handhelds, and features everything required to control your deliveries. It offers real-time fleet tracking, so your back office team can easily assign and track tasks on the go, whilst it is simple for your drivers to accept or reject these deliveries, update their status, and capture PODs with geolocation.

Different images of the NetCourier driver app
Step 1: Assign your delivery
Step 2: Track your driver
Step 3: Capture POD
Step 4: Notify your customer

It also helps to reduce double-entry, decrease time-consuming physical paperwork, and increase productivity.

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