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With almost 40 years of experience, Metafour’s flexible software solution NetCourier can help many different types of businesses to streamline their processes, expand their capabilities, and increase their revenues. Our cloud-based system is the perfect option for courier, logistics, and fulfilment companies looking to manage their entire delivery process from booking to invoicing.
Overnight courier software

Overnight & International Courier Software

Our Overnight and International courier software has been designed to help you manage your entire end-to-end delivery process. It allows you to reduce the resources required for day-to-day business processes; the client portal, for instance, allows your customers to create their own quotes and bookings directly, whilst the invoice reconciliation tool saves time by automatically comparing your invoices against agreed costs.


Reducing your costs is simple thanks to our rate shopping screen. It allows your staff and your customers to see all of your available services, and then filter them by price, cut-off time, or type so that you can always choose the optimal option.


Our system also offers integrations to all major international, national, and local carriers, including DHL, UPS, Royal Mail, and more. These allow you to print labels from both the client portal and back office, and receive full tracking details for every job.

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Sameday Courier Software

Our Sameday courier software has been designed in conjunction with experienced controllers to ensure that it features everything required to manage your entire delivery process. If offers maximum visibility of your fleet on the road, thank to the combination of our GPS enabled driver app and mapping screen with integrated Google Traffic overlay. This means that your team have full information about distances and traffic flows, so that they can make the best choice for every delivery.


Electronic proof of deliveries, including signatures and photographs, are easy to capture on both smartphones and rugged handhelds. via our courier software app. These are then sent back to the client portal and back office, and ensure that all tracking details are available immediately to your customers. This has helped one of our clients to reduce in-bound phone queries by over 50%.


The system also helps you to automate your driver payments, allowing you to add scheduled deductions such as uniforms and fines, or automatically topping up payments if they do not meet agreed-upon minimum earnings.

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Multi-Service Courier Software

If your company deals with Overnight, International, and Sameday deliveries, or if you would like to expand your offering and combine your systems, then our Multi-Service courier software is the one for you. It allows you to combine all of your services in to one screen, and offer them all to your customers at the same time. Not only does this make it easier for your customers to choose the most relevant option for each delivery, but it helps you to save money by consolidating your service providers in to one place.


Our system still offers you everything you would expect from your courier software. It still has integrations to over 35 of the industry’s biggest carriers, an intuitive client portal that allows your customers to book and track their deliveries, plus a driver app, fleet mapping, and full label printing.


The integrated accounting module lets you automatically send invoices to your clients, automatically reconcile your supplier invoices, and offers easy exports to all major accounting packages.

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E-Commerce Fulfilment Software

Our eCommerce courier software sits between your customer’s retail site and your parcel carriers, and helps you to streamline your delivery process. It helps you to save money on every order by intelligently selecting the most suitable carrier service available for each item, whether it’s the quickest, cheapest, or type of service.


Transferring bookings and tracking details between your third-parties are simple thanks to our advanced API, and help you to improve your customer service by ensuring all of the delivery details are available at your client’s fingertips.


Our comprehensive carrier integration library helps you to create a bespoke system for your own exact business requirements. Once your delivery data is uploaded in to the system, it is then sent to the relevant courier company and delivery labels are returned. After the parcels are given to the carrier, any tracking details captured are immediately sent back our system, to offer full end-to-end visibility.

“Working with the Metafour team has been brilliant. They are very responsive and great to work with, no complaints whatsoever. Our implementer Lloyd was a real star, holding our hand every step of the way and always being on hand to answer questions.”


Managing Director – BlueSky Global Solutions

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