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Our cloud-based 3PL software allows fulfilment companies to transform their businesses. It takes all of the manual, time-consuming, error-prone workflows and automates them; streamlining operations and saving money. It sits between the Warehouse Management System, eCommerce platforms, carriers, and accounting packages to act as an all-in-one booking, delivery, tracking, and invoicing portal. By combining all of your software packages into one solution, you can create a supply chain that is tailored to your business requirements.
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What are the benefits of our transportation management system?
Reduced delivery costs
Better customer experience
All-in-one system
Optimised supply chain
Fully scalable
Automate your routine tasks

Our system allows you to optimise your manual workflows, operate more efficiently, and ultimately grow faster. Booking data is transferred from your client’s systems, eCommerce platforms, or your WMS into our software. There the automatic pricing rules automatically choose the optimal service, book it with the carrier, and print the carrier’s label. It also pulls back tracking from the carrier for each shipment, and makes it accessible to both your staff and your clients. At the end of the process, our system will greatly reduce your invoice reconciliation times with our automated tools, generate and email bills to your clients, and transfer your data to your accounting package – all at the click of a button.

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Courier software carrier integrations
Seamlessly integrate with our API

Our software integrates with 1,000s of eCommerce platforms, Warehouse Management Systems, parcel carriers, and accounts packages worldwide. Data can be transferred in a number of ways – be it via our powerful API, flexible QuickShip app, or by a .csv file. This resilience enables you to cater to the requirements of all of your clients, no matter their technological requirements. Our in-house development team is constantly adding to our portfolio of integrations, so please get in touch with us if you are looking for something in particular.

Deliver complete satisfaction to your customers

Making a carrier booking with our 3PL software is simple. Your users can send their data to you from whatever platform they choose, and your team can automatically least-cost route the delivery, make the booking, print the labels, and track the delivery from beginning to end. We also give power back to your users by offering them the ability to track and trace their own deliveries via our integrated Client Portal, or by receiving custom delivery alerts. This has reduced incoming customer queries by up to 60% for some of our customers.

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Grow your business faster

Our 3PL software helps you to improve your bottom line by making your business more agile and efficient. The integrated reporting tools allow you to run reports on all areas of your business including exception reporting, carrier spend, and customer usage; in order for you to identify areas for cost-saving. They also offer the ability to quickly identify trends, which you can then use to your advantage by offering new routes, services, and geographies.

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