Transportation Management System

Our transportation management system NetCourier helps you improve the efficiency of your logistics operation. It sits at the heart of your transportation supply chain, enabling you to efficiently automate processes, reduce costs, and optimise your service levels. Its industry-leading capabilities are used by hundreds of companies worldwide.
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What are the benefits of our transportation management system?
Reduced delivery costs
Better customer experience
All-in-one system
Improved visibility
Fully scalable
Build a full digital audit trail for every delivery

Our transportation management system gives you control over your shipments. Every stage in the delivery process from booking to proof of delivery can be captured by the software, ensuring full visibility of every shipment. This is done via a scan of the unique barcode generated for every parcel, either by your third-party carrier or one of your own in-house staff using MetApp. This driver app even allows you to capture signatures, notes and photographs as proofs of delivery (and collection), with time, location, and date stamps. Automated email notifications can also be set up, to keep your customers in the loop and reduce mis-deliveries.

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Courier software carrier integrations
Access multiple carriers through a single integration

With our software you can easily integrate with all of your existing suppliers, creating an all-in-one portal. This not only allows you to flex your services by adding contingencies into your system, but it also streamlines your entire booking process. The in-built transportation provider selection tool features intelligent shipping rules, allowing you to replace your complicated pricing spreadsheets. You can also generate all your carrier compatible labels from the same screen.

Improve your customer experience with our self-service gateway

Our transportation management system’s Client Portal helps to reduce your incoming queries and gives your clients full control of their orders. By logging on, they can see the what, where, when, why and who of every item they get shipped by your company. The powerful search function allows them to quickly find any order using any combination of criteria.

Courier software client portal
Understand your business with our data reporting tools

It is simple to set your own KPIs, measure them, and then create visual reports thanks to our in-built reporting tools. Our transportation management system allows you to report on a multitude of statistics that may be important to your business, including costs, margins, supplier performance, and exception reports. This makes it simple to understand where your current business sits, whilst offering ways to improve your operation.

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